Follow And Get Help For Winning Poker Tournaments: Book Review

Hello everyone, here I am going to review the book written by Rizen, Pearl Jammer and Apestyles named Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time. This book is now very popular in the poker circles. Before I would start reviewing the book I want to tell you that this is a very good book and this is very well worth of buying it. Another fact of this book is that this book is authored by some of the great poker players.

winning-pokerTo those persons who are not familiar with the authors, I want to tell you that they are famous by their different screen names. Apestyles (Jon van Fleet) / Rizen (Eric Lynch) / Pearl Jammer (Jon Turner). These players have experience of beating several opponents in the different poker tournaments. They give all of their experience in this book. In this book author’s give plenty of good advice from their experience. When going through the book I found that Rizen was at the pretty balanced side, Pearl Jammer is on the tighter side but the section that I personally like the most is by the Apestyles. He is the player about whom I know very less. But after reading the book I become quite a fan of him. He is looking very keen about the math’s on which he is mostly lean. But I don’t know that he is able to put this on the table at the real-time.Winning poker Tournaments: Book Review

These authors provide many sensible advice. There are many things in this book which make it to hit the high notes. There are certain things which I think can be improved in the book. And surely they will try to sort out and solve these issues. There are many hands of commentaries which can be used to jam the blank in an easy way. As the cover offers a promise of providing info of continuation betting, they are not able to focus on that promise. Overall this is a very good book for the beginners. This book gives you the opportunity to improve your game. I will surely spend my money to buy this if there is any chance comes.

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