Read Review Of Macbook And Compare The Pros And Cons Before Buying

The MacBook is introduced by Apple Inc. It is a personal portable computer. Whenever you consider purchasing apple gadget you should always choose the latest version laptop. It was first released on 16 May 2006 and its most recent model was released on 18May 2010. It replaced the iBook and PowerBook series. The MacBook original model is designed with the combination of Fiberglass and Polycarbonate casing. They offer the easily operable operating system in it.macbook

The Second design of the MacBook was introduced in October 2008 in which they used similar aluminum casing body but in this MacBook, a very expensive aluminum case was used. So the sale of this MacBook was poor and customers were not satisfied. The firewire is also missing from this version.

The Third type of MacBook was introduced in January 2009. In this, they returned to their previous polycarbonate shell. This model also included Firewire in it but it was released late. In this there was no USB high-speed port which is considerable as an important feature by users or you can also play online casino games through pokies online medium in it.

After that, the original MacBook is available in white and black color and used the Intel Duo Core processor and 945GM chipset with integrated 950GMA graphics. After this, the later versions of the MacBook switched to the core 2 Duo processors, GM965 chipset, with GMA X3100 Intel’s integrated graphics. After the launching of the aluminum MacBook, the sale of polycarbonate MacBook was closed. After the Unibody aluminum MacBook, the more expensive polycarbonate black model was ceased.

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The previous MacBook versions have the issues of the shutdown and not reliable batteries, with the similar flaws. To find a solution a firmware update has been launched. The latest version by Apple Inc. was Macbook7. It is using 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and its memory is expandable to 16 GB with Nvidia GeForce integrated 320 M graphics shared with main memory. This is the best version of MacBook released by Apple.